Destiny Climbers In The News

SHABACH! Students Soar!!!

The 3rdgrade students from SHABACH! Christian Academy (SCA) went to Freeway Airport (Bowie MD) for their Discovery Flights — an integral component of their school’s experiential STEM-Aviation program.  This dynamic field experience provided an opportunity to reinforce things learned in the classroom and flight simulation lab.

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As you might expect, the students were quite excited and looked forward to this field experience. One parent reports that her child woke her up a little after 6 AM, declaring it was time to get ready for school. Another parent reported her son had been looking forward to this flight opportunity since he was in 1stgrade.






At times, it was not clear who was more excited…the instructors, the students or the parents.  There were a total of 33 students participating in the Discovery Flight field experience. Twenty-five supporting parents and grandparents, who stopped by with their cameras to capture the milestone achievements, drove the festive atmosphere even higher.


The overall experience was further enhanced by the unexpected arrival of a Sikorsky S-76 executive transport helicopter.   The helicopter landed on the runway and taxied to parking directly in front of the student staging area.  The students and parents were totally engrossed and hardly noticed the recently cut grass and debris being blown around by the rotor wash.  IMG_3268

The Sikorsky flight crew engaged the students, answering questions and conducting an impromptu static display tour of their aircraft while they waited for their VIP passengers to arrive.

Overall, it was a wonderful day for the Destiny Climbers of SCA as they continue their mastery of STEM concepts, while exploring future career and study options.