Destiny Flight Center@SHABACH!


SCA Discovery Flights Oct 2018

Each school year, SHABACH! Christian Academy (SCA) provides an opportunity for its students (3rd grade and above) to experience a discovery flight at a local airport. This dynamic, cognitively rich endeavor serves as a framework for the school’s STEM2Destiny program. The students “slip the surely bonds of earth”…and take their dreams to new heights. It is truly amazing to see outlooks and trajectories change and confidence grow right before your eyes. Just like their predecessors from the past few years, there are no limits for this group of future leaders.



SHABACH! Christian Academy started its sixth year of STEM-Aviation programing, where all students — ranging from Kindergarten to 8th grade, are exposed to STEM topics and challenged by a hands-on, experiential and cognitively tailored, technology immersion course. The course objectives of exposure and mastery of STEM content, are pursued using the dynamic world of aviation as the vehicle. The centerpiece of this cutting-edge, brain-compatible classroom setting has been the PC-based flight laboratory.  Field experiences, group projects, science experiments and demonstrations round out the program offering.