Strategic Partners

FlightInsight — FlightInsight is an interactive, online ground school training program created to train pilots from beginners to veterans. FlightInsight’s ground school consists of hours of video lectures, tutorials, and test preparation. An ever growing test bank of hundreds of questions prepares students for the FAA Knowledge Test.

Y.E.E.S. W.E. C.A.N. is an educational program for youth and young adults of all ethnicities, cultural, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds, both male and female, residing in Somerset County, Eastern Shore, Maryland.  The program endeavors to inspire, instill hope, and cultivate a sense of pride in its participants, while introducing them to the vast field of Aviation, Aeronautics and Aerospace Technology.

GIRL, Inc Logo

Girls Inspired Ready To Lead, Inc — GIRL is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to mentor and empower teen girls for future success through promoting academic excellence, leadership skills, community service, career preparation, and self–esteem.

Through its workshops and activities, GIRL provides educational and social enrichment opportunities and positive role models so girls can feel confident in themselves and supported in achieving their dreams.  In summer 2018, GIRL, Inc will host their first STEM Aviation Summer Camp to illuminate robust career opportunities in the aviation industry.


Jetline Systems — Jetline Systems is a high performance PC company that’s dedicated to the direct support of the pilot flight simulation community. Jetline has committed countless hours of research and development to determine the optimum alignment for simulation hardware requirements. Jetline provide the hardware, customized software and reach-back support for all Destiny Aviation Services flight labs.

Youth Matter, Inc— Like Destiny Aviation Services, Youth Matter, Inc seeks to impact tomorrow’s leaders in profound ways.  Youth Matters, Inc., builds self-esteem and values in the lives of today’s youth, through preventive programs for at-risk youth, nutrition education, physical activities, education and mentoring programs.