Lifters and Climbers



Few people have accomplished anything of significance alone.  Along their journey toward success, they have more times than not benefited from the instruction, mentoring or encouragement of a Lifter.   Lifters are those individuals who provide wise counsel or timely word that enables another to continue when challenged and feels they can’t go on.  A Lifter may also blaze a path, so subsequent travelers will not have as arduous a transit as the lifter experienced.  Finally, a Lifter just might provide the shoulders for others to stand upon… helping them reach a little higher.

In this section, we will highlight some of the lifters who have blazed trails, provided instruction and supplied the timely encouragement needed by countless aspiring aviators.  These Lifters have made a difference and this is just another way to express our enduring thanks and appreciation.

otey_thumb1Gladys B. Otey
Aviation Pioneer


The paths to an aviation certification or “winged” status are as numerous and diverse as the number of aviators. While some may
discover the joys of flight late in life, many start their journey in their
youth and tirelessly pursue their dreams until it is a reality.

The “Climbers” featured in this section are emerging aviators. Here you can view a photo-journal of their quest to become professional aviators. May you be motivated and inspired by their milestone achievements and ultimate success. Check back often to monitor their progress.

Abigail_thumb1Abigail AJ_thumb1AJ dylanDylan
eric_thumb1Eric Jon_thumb1Jon marlon_thumbMarlon